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Creative Idea

India's First 

Problem Solvery

Is Here.


We Collaborate.

We Create. We Solve.


What we do

Blue Noodles gets blue chip talent from across domains to solve product, brand, and growth problems with clutter-breaking creativity.

Problem Solving

Any Problem. Any Category.

We Have The Specialists.

What sets us apart

Business Strategy, Product Innovation, Branding Solutions, Advertising, Ecommerce, Digital Marketing, Social Media Campaigns,

AI for Marketing...if you want it solved, we can rustle up the team.

Most companies are caught up in their own web of R&D. If you need a fresh perspective on innovating with your products, we could work with your team, identify a marketable need gap, and help design & develop new products that can take your sales curve to a higher orbit.

Product Innovations


Product Innovations

Marketing is ever changing. What worked yesterday, may not work tomorrow. At Blue Noodles, we make sense of all the legacy knowledge and emerging new solutions. We cut out the irrelevant and curate only the best-fit innovations that will provide you the marketing momentum you're looking for. 

Brand Innovations


Brand Innovations

How does one grow in a saturated market? How does one foray into a brand new market? What is the growth hack for jumping the queue in an intensely competitive market? How does one crack open a totally new category? How does one connect with a new cohort of customers? At Blue Noodles, we have street smart marketers who can help you navigate these hairpin bends.

Growth Innovations


Growth Innovations

A Game Changing Model To Outsmart

Them All

Our Secret Sauce

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. Blue Noodles has handpicked many domain experts, seasoned teams, and razor-sharp boutiques. We piece together the solution depending on your requirement.

Problems We Solve

Struggling with nailing your brand story? Want a differentiated messaging? Unclear about your brand persona? Looking for a trademarkable name globally? Want a befitting visual identity? Talk to Blue Noodles. 

Branding Problems


Sales and distribution giving you sleepless nights? Is your pricing strategy off? Relying too much on discounts? Does your promotion look pedestrian? At Blue Noodles, we have the answers.

Marketing Problems


When was the last time your team filed for patents? Is your incremental approach to New Product Development holding you back? How to create a hero product that can shake things up? Blue Noodles has the chops to deliver.

Product Problems


Weighed down by too many products? Digital marketing bleeding your bottom-line? Searching for a way to leapfrog competition? Looking to make a mark abroad? Not attracting the right kind of talent? We've got your covered.

Strategy Problems


Stuck with an ad agency that doesn't get your brand? Burning money on social media without any tangible dividends? Looking beyond celebrity endorsement as a creative strategy? At Blue Noodles, we solve it all.

Communication Problems


Latest Projects


Fintech Branding


Hair colour
Hair Colour

Hair Color Entry Market Strategy


Real Estate

Real Estate Marketing


Game Changer

Room Freshener Campaign


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