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Problem Solvery

Blue Noodles


A Creative Collaboratory is a vibrant hub where imagination meets expertise. It's a space where diverse minds converge to ignite innovation and foster groundbreaking ideas. Through dynamic teamwork and open-ended exploration, it's where creativity knows no bounds, transforming visions into tangible solutions for a multitude of challenges and industries.

While Problem Solvery embodies the art and science of finding effective solutions to complex challenges. It combines analytical thinking, creativity, and practical know-how to navigate and resolve issues. 

Blue Noodles is a unique blend of two cool ideas: Creative Collaboratory and Problem Solvery.

Problem Solving

Blue Noodles redefines the art of corporate problem-solving. Positioned as a dynamic ally for CEOs, we specialize in turning challenges into opportunities, focusing on product innovation, brand revitalization, and growth acceleration. Our approach is rooted in the comprehensive application of the 7Ps of marketing, ensuring a holistic strategy for every issue. We pride ourselves on our unique methodology—centered on creative collaboration, it's the cornerstone of our problem-solving process.


We don't just offer solutions; we craft a tailored journey for each client, ensuring their specific needs are met with precision and ingenuity. Blue Noodles isn't just a consulting firm; it's an incubator for visionary ideas, transforming the landscape of business challenges into a canvas of possibilities. We are the architects of change, engineering success one solution at a time.

How We Solve 

Problem Solving

At Blue Noodles, we follow a Creative First Approach. It's a philosophy that prioritizes imagination and innovation at the forefront of any endeavor. It champions original thinking and artistic exploration as the primary tools for solving problems and generating value. This approach involves looking beyond conventional methods and typical solutions, encouraging a culture where unconventional ideas are celebrated and nurtured. It's about seeing the world not as it is, but as it could be. 

The Creative First Approach drives breakthroughs, fosters a dynamic environment, and leads to the development of unique products, strategies, and solutions that stand out in a crowded marketplace.

What Sets Us Apart

Creator First Approach

To us, creativity is a key differentiator, offering fresh perspectives and unique solutions that elevate their brand, solve complex problems, and drive significant value in an ever-evolving competitive landscape



We unlock potential by providing innovative insights and strategies that propel businesses forward, fostering growth, and setting the stage for breakthroughs in a competitive, evolving marketplace.

Growth & Innovation


We foster collaboration by bridging diverse perspectives, cultivating a melting pot of ideas, and harmonizing efforts towards unified, innovative solutions in a dynamic business environment.

Collaborative Spirit


By providing clarity in decision-making, we enable clients to navigate complexities with confidence, prioritize effectively, and devise strategies that are both practical and forward-thinking in their approach.

Clearheaded Thinking


We elevate client offerings through visual appeal and design excellence. This enhances brand perception, fosters emotional connections, and differentiates products in a crowded market.



We place the client at the heart of every decision and action, ensuring tailored solutions, enhanced satisfaction, and building long-term relationships through personalized and dedicated service.

Client Centricity


Our Founding Team

Anantha Narayan

Founder & CEO

3-times 'Copywriter of the Year', Anantha has over 27 years of experience in the creative space. At Blue Noodles, he champions the cause of Innovation and Brand Strategy.

Anantha Narayan, Founder, Blue Noodles

PC Muralidharan

Co-Founder & CCO

Having honed his craft for over two decades with Mudra, Euro RSCG, Contract, and Leo Burnett, Murali helms the Creative Stream at Blue Noodles. 'Born to be wild' is the credo of this biker cum rock music writer.  

Murali, Co-founder, Blue Noodles
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